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Sub-Division Permit Enquiry

Often, obtaining Sub-Division Permit could be very challenging, time-consuming and would require in-depth assessment of your home project’s requirements against various statutory requirements.
By providing some basic information, we could get started with preliminary work before we get together to discuss the next steps.
Please complete the form below to help us get started.

  • Mobile or Landline
  • New Home Extension Renovation Other
    Tell us about your project

  • If you have selected 'Other', tell us about your project
  • New Land Existing Vacant Land Existing Land with Property to be demolished Existing Land - Extenstion/Renovation only Other
    Tell us about your land
  • > 300 Square Metres < 300 Square Metres Unknown Other Not applicable
    Tell us the approx size of your land

  • If you have selected 'Other', tell us about your land
  • Yes No Not planned yet Need to discuss Other
    Do you require help with sub-dividing the land?
  • Yes No Other
    Do you have any Dwelling on the land?

  • If you have selected 'Other', tell us about your land
  • Build a dwelling Leave sub-divided land for future No plans Need your assistance to plan the next step Other
    What do you plan to do after sub-dividing the land?
  • Within a month Within three months Within six months No plans yet
    When do you plan to start?