VEEJAY Corporation Pty Ltd
Our Specialisation
  • Climate-Sustainable Design
  • Hebel Cladding System for Energy Efficiency
  • Steel Framing for Bush-Fire Resistance
  • Site Specific Design, e.g., Sloping Ground
  • Suspended Slab over Bored Piles for Stability
  • Exotic Furniture for house-lot
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Climate-Sustainable Design

Steel Framing

Site-Specific Design

Bespoke Furniture for House-Lot

More on specialisation
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Climate-responsive design is not only more sustainable from an environmental perspective, but it also increases occupant comfort and workplace satisfaction.

Designing homes within the climatic envelope means the building will be quieter because it doesn’t need as many noisy mechanical systems, will be more comfortably lit with appropriate daylighting rather than electric lighting, and will be healthier due to the presence of fresh rather than recycled air.

Our designs take the above into consideration in every home project.


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Few things in life are as important as protecting the value of your home.
A steel house frame is strong and durable, lightweight and termite proof.

Since it was first introduced nearly 80 years ago, steel framing has grown into one of the most commonly used materials in both residential and non-residential construction and a great option for homebuilders.

Light weight, strong, non-combustible, durable, recyclable, and impervious to mold and termites.

These are some of the reasons why builders that use steel framing find they can save money from shorter construction cycles, lower insurance costs, and less waste.

We love the design flexibility and sustainability of steel framing.

And our customers appreciate the lower maintenance costs for the life of the building.

Steel Framing

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Hebel is extremely lightweight yet delivers benefits beyond those normally associated with traditional wall cladding systems.

Hebel panels and blocks are highly fire resistant (do not burn and will not explode even under extreme bushfire conditions), have high acoustic absorbing properties and, because Hebel is a masonry product with in-built insulation, it assists in improving energy ratings. Hebel has the lowest carbon footprint.

Hebel is also extremely versatile and is available in blocks and panels of various sizes and widths for a broad range of load bearing and non load-bearing construction applications including external walls, internal walls, floors, fences and sound barriers.

We endeavour to design homes with Hebel in mind, where our customers are happy to support our recommendation.

HEBEL Cladding System

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Every home building site comes with its own characteristics.

Some sites are on flat land and some are on a steep slope, where the design of the building poses significant challenge.

Our experience suggests, many service providers offer to design and build homes on a relatively easy site.

Building homes on difficult sites, requires developing innovative design solutions to make the best use of the land.

Our extensive experience designing and building homes on difficult sites mean, our customers get innovative solutions to make the best use out of their land.

Site-Specific Design

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Every home when completed, home owners look for furnishings and furniture and other gadgets to make their home liveable.

Furniture are often made for standard measurements and they obviously do not match the space allowed for in the home design.

Our home designs combined with furniture solutions overcome the above limitation.

Moreover, the furniture made of exotic timber appreciates in value over the time, thus making our customer's investment worthwhile.

Bespoke Furniture

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Slab-on-Ground Foundations
are typically the most cost effective but are very susceptible to foundation movement since they depend on the soils near the surface of the ground.

Suspended Slabs
, particularly over Bored Piers have always been the “Cadillac” of residential foundation design, because they are “suspended” above the ground and thus isolate the slab from troublesome soil movement.

Our extensive experience in building Bored Pier foundations and combined with the Suspended Slab, means our customers can have piece of mind.

Suspended Slab