VEEJAY Corporation Pty Ltd
Our Concept to Design Services
Our services begin with discussing your home project, as part of the 'Concept to Design' process.

It is the opportunity for us to get to know you and your aspirations before we discuss the details about your home project.

Our services...
  • Project Requirements
  • Concept Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Statutory Approvals

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Project Requirements
Meet with us at your home or the building site or in our office to discuss your home project.
We gather your requirements for your home project, seek any clarification and formulate a brief identifying:
  • Your home project requirements
  • Our services to meet your requirements
  • High level costs and timeframes to deliver our services
Concept Design
An appointment will be set up to discuss…
  • requirements in further detail,
  • various solution options available
  • your preferred option(s) for further consideration
Ideas discussed will be transformed to sketches, floor plans.
At the end of the High Level Design step, we would provide you an updated brief identifying:
  • Updated Requirements for your home project
  • High Level Floor Plan and Options, so you could choose your preferred option
  • Updated cost estimates and timeframes to deliver our services through the remaining parts of our Concept to Design process.
We work with you to select the materials, details and aesthetics to produce a Detailed Design and associated Documentation suitable for seeking statutory approvals.
Detailed design containing agreed details will be reviewed together with you for your consent.
At the end of the Detailed Design step, we would provide you an updated documentation identifying:
  • Finalised requirements for your home project
  • Detailed Design and Documentation suitable for Statutory Approvals.
Approvals and Permits
When the detailed design meets your requirements, we initiate the steps to submits the artefacts for statutory approvals.
If necessary, we may seek your participation in the discussions during the statutory approval process.
At times, your participation helps to fast track the statutory approval process.
Your participation also provides the opportunity to recognise any challenges that may come in the way, so we could work together to take our project forward.