VEEJAY Corporation Pty Ltd
Our Pre-Design Services
  • Planning and Sub-Division Permits
  • Land Assessment
  • Building Condition Assessment for extension or renovation or redevelopment
  • Property Investment Appraisal
  • Cost-benefit analysis

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Planning Permits and Sub-Division Permits
Our services:
  • Discuss requirements for the home project
  • Identify statutory requirements so further work could be performed to ensure compliance
  • In doing so, we engage with Planners within the Govt and if required engage specialist Consultants for their expert advice.
  • Undertake necessary pre-work
  • Produce documentation, ready for the submission to Statutory Authorities.
  • Follow up with the players to ensure progress
  • Assist with any work during the permit application process, as identified.
  • Assist with completing the permit process so the Govt's decision is presented to the customer for consideration.

Why us?
Land/Building Assessment
Our services:
  • Discuss requirements for the land/home project
  • Undertake necessary land/building inspections
  • Identify any information that require further consideration
  • Where appropriate, we engage any specialists with your consent, to assist in the assessment
Upon completion of the above, we formulate a brief identifying:
  • Our assessment of the Land
  • Recommendations to move forward
  • Estimates of likely costs to address any issues on the Land
  • A Plan of Action accompanied by a suggested list of service providers who could offer their assistance to address the issues.
Investment Appraisal
At times, you may wish to invest in a home project as opposed to living in it. A number of factors need to be taken into consideration to assess the commercial viability of the project.
The factors vary over time and knowing them makes a big difference in ensuring a desired outcome.
Our services:
  • Perform necessary research to assess the factors in reference to your requirements
  • Produce a preliminary appraisal based on our experience
  • If required, engage specialist consultants to seek their expert advice and assistance, so the findings presented to you is valid and useful.
  • Present our final findings for your consideration.
Cost-Benefit Evaluation
As the process begins to convert your dream to reality, an understanding of costs versus benefits play a key role in arriving at an outcome that is truly cost-effective.
Every home project requires careful consideration of:
  • various design and build solution options
  • costs and benefits of each of those options
  • recommendation that justifies the investment of the preferred option.
Why us?
Every dream home project starts with planning the 'Development' and the 'Use' of the Land, either brand new or existing.
Complying to various government, statutory requirements (Permits) as part of a home project could be very challenging, time-consuming and would require an in-depth assessment of the project's requirements in reference to the statutory requirements.
A number of players are involved in assessing the project's requirements and the permit applications. At every key step in the process require expending significant cost and time. This require experience like ours to assist you along the journey to arrive at a desired outcome.
We offer our services to perform as much pre-work as we can before we consider a specialist's assistance, if necessary. This way we could manage the cost and time in a balanced manner.